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TD King

TD King

TD King graduated from Central Washington University with a BA in Biology and a Minor in Chemistry. During High School and college TD worked for various Construction contractors  working on Highway Construction crews as well as Residential and small commercial crews as a laborer during the summers and made extra money during the school year executing home improvement projects for friends and family. After College TD joined the US Navy as an Officer and flew the F-14 Tomcat as well as several other jets from 1997 – 2007. He flew the F14 Tomcat in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom receiving several combat awards/medals while also acting as the Aviation and Armament Division Officer for VF-32 Swordsmen in charge of 100 Enlisted, 2 Officers and 1 Chief Petty Officer. After departing Iraq he was trained to be an Instructor for the VFC-13 Saints in Fallon, NV helping to instruct TOPGUN, Airwing, SFARP and FRS classes across the United States. As a secondary job for the Saints Mr. King was a Navy Subject Matter Expert giving lectures to other fighter pilots on classified subject matter from Japan to the East coast, he was also the F-5 Program Manager overseeing procurement, acquisitions and program development for 45 F-5 Fighters throughout the Navy and Marine Corps Adversary Instructor program. Mr. King received specialized training from the Navy as a Navy Legal Officer, Officer Leadership courses, Personnel Management, Management in the field, Combat Mission planning Leadership and various other leadership, management and legal training.  While in the Navy TD purchased, renovated, rented and sold several residential properties in his free time generating the cash and working capital utilized to start Macnak Construction and cover operating costs until the company became profitable and could support itself.

Mr. King’s primary job as Managing Partner is to handle all Joint Ventures, Teaming agreements, estimating, proposal writing, marketing, banking, bonding, IT and accounting concerns. TD also oversees all in field operations to include targeting projects, scheduling crews, hiring Project Managers and Superintendents, reviewing and updating all project specific paperwork and contract execution.